Know how to blend your own skincare

Take your skincare into your own hands

Blend It Yourself skincare is simple. It’s as easy to make as beans on toast. And as quick to achieve as freshly brewed coffee (and even more aromatic). Especially if the ingredients are sourced and prepared ready for you.

There is a real pleasure in making something with your own hands, being productive. Handling the basic ingredients and feeling how they respond to your touch puts you in control of your own skincare. It’s incredible that we’ve lost the art of Blend It Yourself – and in the space of just a couple of generations.

Field Fresh Skincare One-Pot-Kits mean even if you don’t have the time to research recipes, gather ingredients or macerate oils, you can still create great, fresh products with a personal touch.

The kits are the nudge and support you need to try out Blend It Yourself. Field Fresh Skincare kits gradually introduce to you the ingredients, skills and knowledge required and help you build your confidence in combining ingredients and creating your own skincare.

All the tricky bits are done for you, so you can simply and swiftly master the magic of transforming ingredients to finished product.

  • you don’t need to decipher recipes or have micro-scales.
  • you don’t need to be able to recognise the plants growing or know which parts of them to use (flower, leaves, roots, stem) or how to extract their goodness.
  • you don’t need to spend patient weeks macerating herbs or scouring shops and websites for the right ingredients (wondering what quantity to order).

Because everything you need is provided, ready for you to heat and combine. Even the pot and label are there, for a truly professional product.

In just ten minutes you can have your own fresh, natural cream or balm in the pot - just make sure you put your name on the label, so everyone knows it’s made by you.

Why Blend-it-Yourself?

  • With Blend-it-Yourself you can be sure what you’re putting on your skin, because you handle the ingredients yourself
  • With Blend-it-Yourself you have the joy of creating, for your own use or as a caring gift
  • With Blend-it-Yourself you get the best quality, freshest skincare in the most affordable way
  • With Blend-it-Yourself you can work with nature, not against it: bring balance to your skin and know you’re not harming the planet
  • With Blend-it-Yourself you can feel the calm of connecting with nature every day – use ingredients that grow locally to really benefit