Face the Day Cream One-Pot-Kit


Calm stimulation for your skin as you start your day.


A completely fresh, all natural face cream for daily use. Frankincense and lavender provide calm and serenity while limeflower and lemon offer a zingy boost of energy preparing you to Face the Day.

This boosting moisturiser provides daily food for your skin with its combination of nourishing plant seed oils and herbs.

Cultivate your beautiful natural look, or create a perfect base for makeup.  Healthy, even soft and glowing skin is where it all starts.

The plant oils in Face the Day Cream include Camelina oil (otherwise known as ‘gold of pleasure’) which has been known throughout history for its anti-aging properties. Great against wrinkles and in helping skin rejuvenation it also feeds and provides luminescence to skin. Borage oil provides further defence against wrinkles and helps keep skin healthy and supple and Carrot oil improves complexion and tone providing a fresher appearance while nourishing your skin.

Essential oils of emotionally harmonising and stabilising lavender, fresh, sweet and cleansing lemon and frankincense to help focus and concentration together create a moment of calm as you start the day.


Read all about why people love Face the Day Cream in the blog.


Kit contains: Herb pocket, pre-measured ingredients sachets x 2, labels for you to personalise, optional pot and full instructions.

Everything you need to create your own product with mastery in just 10 minutes.

All you add is a few tablespoons of water.

Make it with basic kitchen equipment: small saucepans, heatproof bowls, spatula, whisk. Have you seen our ‘kit and caboodle’ bundle?

Sufficient to make 50g (approximately 30 applications). The made up product will last for three months.

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How to make

Here’s a quick video showing you all there is to do:

  1. Place the herb pocket in a small pan and add 4 tablespoons (60ml) water. Gently bring to the boil, then turn down to the lowest heat and leave to infuse.
  2. Meanwhile, empty the contents of the large sachet into the top of a double boiler (or bowl over a pan of hot water) and stir until the beeswax heart has melted.

TIP: cut open the top edge of the sachet, then hold it upside-down over the pan and squeeze from base to top to get all the contents out.

  1. When the beeswax heart has melted, gradually add 1 tablespoon (15ml) of the warmed infusion into the oils, whisking constantly. Transfer the top pan (or bowl) to over a bowl of cold water and keep stirring.

TIP: As you stir, keep the whisk touching the bottom of the pan, that way less air will get into your product.

  1. When the consistency starts to change and thicken, add the contents of the small sachet. Stir rapidly until it cools completely.

TIP: Make sure the product is cool before it goes into the jar – if it’s liquid enough to pour in and form a smooth surface, it is too warm, cool it more (stirring all the while) or you risk it separating in the jar.

  1. Scoop into a clean 50ml pot, put on the lid and label, adding your name and the date.

TIP: To clean your pan and utensils, gently warm them and wipe around with absorbent paper to remove the remnants of oils and waxes before washing in hot soapy water.


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