Hands On Summer Wild Herb Kit


A selection of summer wild herbs, dried and ready for use in making your own skincare.


A selection of summer wild herbs, dried and ready for use in making your own skincare.

There’s nothing quite like getting hands on with herbs – touch them, smell them, use them and feel great.

Included in the kit are 8 different herbs:

horse chestnut root (12g), chamomile flowers (5g), marshmallow root (5g), St John’s wort (3g), lime flowers (3g), elderflowers (3g), marshmallow leaf (3g), red clover (1g)

+ plus ideas on how to use herbs in skincare for cleansing, toning, relaxing and more.


Hands On ingredients make a great accompaniment to the book Vital Skincare. Make it easy by getting your hands on  ingredients to blend your own skincare.


More about the ingredients:

horse chestnut – anti-inflammatory, soothing, astringent and refining; good for oily and large pored skin

chamomile – astringent and healing, cleansing and conditioning, gentle, calming, soothing and softening; good for all skin, including dry, oily, sensitive and normal

marshmallow – skin softening, conditioning, rejuvenating and moisturising; good for mature, dry and sensitive skin

St John’s wort – astringent, emollient and restorative, good in creams and lotions; good for oily and inflamed skin

lime flowers – skin conditioning, helping soothe skin and smooth wrinkles; good for sensitive and wrinkled skin

elderflower – cleansing, soothing, conditioning and lightening, good for sore eyes, irritated skin, chapped hands and tired feet; good for dry, sallow and mature skin

red clover- gentle, calming and soothing

Simple ways to use herbs in skincare:

  1. An infusion: like making a cup of tea. Use herbal water to cleanse, tone, spritz, add to your bath or blend with clay for a face mask.
  2. Maceration: create a herbal oil to use as a serum or blend with wax to form a balm
  3. Cleansing milk: chose a milk to suit your skin type (the oilier your skin, the fattier the milk) and infuse herbs to create a simple personalised cleanser
  4. Herbal scrub: blend a herbal oil with salt or sugar – fine ingredients for your face, softening ingredients for your body and lips, coarser ingredients for hands and feet.
  5. Facial steam: Hot water brings out the herb’s qualities and deep cleans your skin.

Find out more about all these methods in Vital Skincare.


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