Vital Skincare


Vital Skincare – healthy skin in just 5 minutes a day, with over 100 skincare recipes using hedgerow herbs

By Laura Pardoe, founder of Field Fresh Skincare

200 pages, 21cm x 21cm, published 2018 by Permanent Publications


Vital Skincare

by Laura Pardoe, founder of Field Fresh Skincare

Vital skincare is about why it is vital to look after your skin; what products are vital to you; what practices are vital for good skin and how to add vitality to your skin and routines using natural ingredients that grow local to you.

This is not a beauty book.

This book is for you if you want to:

  • take control of your own skincare and be confident in your choices
  • feel and look your best every day, naturally
  • work with the body you have, in the time you have available
  • limit the pollutants and alien chemicals in your body and the environment
  • be more in tune with the natural world in the way you live and the products you use
  • have an approach that doesn’t cost the earth

It’s never too early, or too late, to start knowing your skin.

The closer you work with it, the happier you will become.

You really don’t need to do much to make a big difference.


This will be your go-to guide and reference book. With over 100 recipes for skincare made from hedgerow herbs your skin will love you.


“If you are looking to make the move to natural skincare or want to start making your own products then this book is an absolute must. Informative, inspiring and empowering. Go the green beauty revolution!!!”

Rachel Whittacre, Indie Beauty Delivers


“A fascinating and informative book with ravishing photographs and careful instructions; this is how the natural world can help us look fabulous and be philosophical all at once”

Joanna Lumley, Actor


Vital Skincare is a beautiful book with easy to follow, inspirational recipes to enthuse everyone to make their own natural beauty and skincare products in harmony with their own skin”

Stephanie Hafferty, no dig gardener and author of The Creative Kitchen


Vital Skincare is a beautifully put together publication, bright pages with plenty of colourful pictures, clear text and comprehensive information on the structure of skin, and the practical recipe section is especially useful. This book is a great resource to keeping your skin in optimum health”

Karen Lawton, Herbalist


“Exposed to so many pollutants and toxins, going back to nature with our skincare is one of the most vital changes we can make. Not just our skin, but for our hormones and overall health too. Vital Skincare is an extensive guide to every single step of an effective green beauty ritual. Whether you’re battling acne, eczema or just want a bit of extra glow, this book is ideal for anyone wanting to deeply explore natural beauty.”

Amy Saunders, natural acne coach


“A bible about an alternative to shop shelf cosmetics. Harnessing the power of plants can and will make you feel happy and revitalised. A modern book inspired by ancient practices and healing traditions, Laura’s knowledge of botanical sciences and the relationship with skin is truly inspiring and interesting”

Tess O’Shea, founder of  Seatox Seaweed


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