Handy Whisk for Blend It Yourself Skincare


A handy and effective whisk to Make it Easy for you


These whisks are just what you need to Make it Easy.

The coiled top is designed to multiply your beating efforts. Blend it Yourself skincare requires a lot of stirring (‘if in doubt, stir’). Stir well as you add each ingredient and keep stirring as your product cools. With all that stirring it’s great to have a friendly implement assisting you.

Small and neat, this whisk works really well for One Pot skincare making.

Make it Easy on yourself with the right kit for the job.


To clean this whisk, ideally wipe it with absorbent paper while still warm to remove traces of any oils and waxes from the product you have made. Then submerge in warm soapy water and clean thoroughly. You can sterilise it in boiling water or by using an alcohol spray or sterilising fluids. For more about keeping skincare making equipment clean, see this blog.


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