50ml pot


A handy pot for your Blend It Yourself skincare.


These little pots are great for Blend It Yourself skincare.

Made of PET, they look like glass but are completely unbreakable, and recyclable. Being clear you can easily see how much product you have left without needing to open the pot.

The lid is aluminium, 70mm across, the opening provides easy access for putting product into the pot (a bonus when making yourself). It also provides a good surface for decorative labels to be applied as you name your product.

The pot holds up to 50ml and can be used for any consistency of product: powders, creams, gels and liquids. This is a good size for Blend It Yourself products which are best used fresh and made little-and-often. It’s also suitable for taking in hand luggage on an aeroplane being within regulation size and clear.

Multiple pots will stack easily or pack away neatly.

A great little pot to have in stock, you can also use it to decant products from larger pots to make it easy travelling.

NB, the pots are supplied in sterile condition, ready to use. If re-using, clean thoroughly in warm (not boiling), soapy water and re-sterilise using an alcohol spray or sterilising fluid. There’s more about cleansing for skincare makers in this blog.

This is the same pot as supplied free with each Field Fresh Skincare One Pot Kit.


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