Handy Melting Pan for Blend It Yourself Skincare


A handy melting pan to Make it Easy for you


This melting pan is just what you need to Make it Easy.

Blend It Yourself skincare is often made ‘bain marie’. That means putting your pan over boiling water, instead of sitting it directly on the flame. By doing this, you heat your ingredients using the warmth of the steam rising from the pan of boiling water underneath. It means you can’t burn your product because the steam will not heat above 100 degrees C. It’s a gentle way of heating.

This magical little pan creates the ‘bain marie’ (or ‘double boiler’) effect in combination with any small pan you already have. It’s a cheap and effective way of creating your own mini double boiler.

Just the right size for creating your Blend It Yourself skincare one pot at a time and with handy pouring spouts for left or right handed makers it really does Make it Easy.

(the pan can also be used for melting chocolate, making hollandaise sauce or any other kitchen tasks that benefit from gentle bain-marie heating).

For more about double boilers, see this blog

To clean this pan, ideally wipe round with absorbent paper while still warm to remove traces of any oils and waxes from the product you have made. Then submerge in warm soapy water and clean thoroughly. You can sterilise it in boiling water or by using an alcohol spray or sterilising fluids. For more about keeping skincare making equipment clean, see this blog.


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