About Field Fresh Skincare

The idea for Field Fresh Skincare was conceived a decade ago.

With desperately dry skin, I was struggling to find off-the-shelf skincare products that didn’t cause a reaction. Discovering that fresh, natural ingredients made skincare that was better than anything I could purchase, I wanted everyone to be able to Blend It Yourself.

But I knew how much time and energy I’d put into learning about the ingredients, sourcing and gathering herbs and trialling recipes. If I was going to persuade others to get involved, I needed to make it much, much easier.

So that’s what I set out to do: Natural skincare made easy.

I focused on the ingredients that grow around us, both because I believe these to have a better affinity with our skin, and because it’s an instant connection to the nature outside our windows, which keeps me happy.

Making skincare fresh maintains the vitality from its plant-based ingredients, means preservatives can be minimised and puts you directly in control of what goes onto your skin and into your body.

So, if you can spare ten minutes, you can now make your own fresh, natural skincare using local ingredients. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

Take care.

How we think about skin

Skin is amazing. Its natural processes keep us healthy. When stress interferes with our skin's natural system we can use natural products, designed to work with our skin's own processes, to restore balance.

We think of skin needs (not skin types). Our products address the basic needs of your skin on body, face (at both day and night), hands, feet and lips as well as when it's dry or damaged and needs special care.

How we create products

Our products balance butters, oils, waxes and water, making the most of the brilliant properties of plant seed oils and beneficial herbs to meet your skin's needs. Our formulas go through a host of rigorous testing to ensure they’re good to go and going to last.

The kits provide just the right amount of ingredients, so you know you're always using the freshest skincare possible. One-Pot-Kits can be made in less than ten minutes and will last in use for three to six months.

How we make it easy

We source the natural ingredients, do the fiddly, time-consuming preparatory tasks (like macerations and measuring) and pack just what you need to make your own pot of cream with minimum fuss and maximum fun.

Blend It Yourself becomes a moment of 'you care'. Your calm few moments of stirring, as intoxicating aromas fill the air, helps restore balance and fortify your soul. Fresh skincare prepared with love, as you need it.

Why we make Natural Skincare

Quite simply, if you think about the ingredients in the products you buy off the shelf – many of which are only there to prolong the shelf life, not to benefit you – you’ll probably want to find a more natural alternative. Something that’s kind to your skin, your body … and the planet.

As the largest organ in our bodies and the barrier to everything external, skin is vital to our health and wellbeing. Healthy skin comes from feeding it with good, natural things, in harmony with our environment.

I focus on ingredients grown in temperate climates because I believe this gives products better affinity with our skin. Also, I love the abundance and variety of our fields and hedgerows and want to be able to live with these seasonal treats all year round.

Give it a go - you won't look back.