Natural skincare has never been so easy

Make your own fresh, natural skincare using local ingredients.

Field Fresh Skincare makes it easy to Blend It Yourself at home.
With pre-measured ingredients and instructions there’s no fuss and no waste. Nothing will take you longer than 10 minutes to make.
The herbs and seed oils in our products come from plants familiar to UK fields, hedgerows and gardens. Growing in the same climate as you live in, they have affinity with your skin and give you a daily connection with nature.

Why fresh? Why natural? Why local?

Fed up with mass-produced skincare products that don’t deliver the promised results?

Now you can make beautiful products at home using natural, beneficial ingredients that feed your skin. You'll find out how freshly made skincare is as good for you as freshly made food.

Know your ingredients

Don’t like what you see on the ingredients list when you take a product off the shelf?

By handling the ingredients for your skincare you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Use local ingredients

Would love to make your own skincare products but haven’t the time to practice and don’t want to make costly mistakes?

Here’s a foolproof and fun way to make personalised skincare in your own kitchen, one pot at a time and get confident with Blend It Yourself

Learn how to Blend It Yourself