Herbs for Skincare Workshop (1:1 )


1:1 Workshop on how to use herbs in Blend It Yourself skincare.

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Herbs for Skincare – Blend it Yourself with the best ingredients from nature

Nature provides many wonderful plants and herbs which are commonly found in gardens and hedgerows. Which ones to use when, and how, is vital knowledge. Here we start simply to create your basic grounding in herbal skincare.

You’ll build confidence in creating your own infusions, decoctions, macerations and distillations and learn how to use these to best effect in creating your own skincare.

Travel to far-away places requires us to acclimatise; we know we function best in the environments we are used to. Not surprisingly, our skin has great affinity with the plants that grow in the environment we live in too. It’s well worth getting to know the humble plants that we encounter nearby and how they can help us. We’ll look at some of the herbs available to us through the changing seasons and the beneficial properties these bring to our skincare.

The workshop lasts for approximately 2 hours. During this time we will make at least 3 products for you to take away using seasonal herbs, plus looking at lots of ingredients and options. We let the discussion follow your interests and make sure you get a good understanding of how you can get closer to nature each day by incorporating herbs and flowers in your skincare.

This workshop offers individual tuition and hands-on making. It takes place in the Field Fresh Skincare lab and workshop at the edge of the Cotswolds and is led by Laura, founder of Field Fresh Skincare, who has years of experience working with plants to create skincare products and author of Vital Skincare.



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