Why fresh

Skincare is food for your skin. And the best food is freshly prepared from local ingredients. That’s how we like skincare to be too.

How is skincare like food?

Skincare is absorbed into your body: so whatever nutrients or harmful substances are in your skincare will get into your body.

  • There’s debate as to how much this affects us – some claim that up to 70% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed, that’s probably a high estimate. But the fact that we can react to skincare products shows it’s having some effect.
  • And, unlike food which goes through the digestive system and is acted upon by enzymes, skincare is absorbed direct so it’s impact can be stronger.
  • The food we eat can take up to three weeks to have an impact on a target area in the body; by contrast, skincare applied topically will immediately get to the area of need.

Skincare is made from fresh ingredients

  • Even though you may purchase your skincare from a shelf where it has been sat for some weeks, and you may have your product in use for some months, it was originally made from fresh ingredients.
  • It’s because these ingredients are fresh, and we want the products to last, that the makers will blend in preservatives.
  • We wouldn’t want food made with fresh ingredients to be good sat on a shelf for a year or more, so why would we want that for our skincare?

Skincare can nourish the body

  • Just as we chose our food for the balance of good nutrients it provides, selecting the right ingredients in our skincare can provide nutrients, essential fatty acids and more to help our skin and body health.
  • Just as good food brings satisfaction and contentment, so can good skincare.

Why is fresh skincare better for you?

  • Fresh skincare maximises the nutritional value of ingredients
  • Making skincare fresh enables you to minimise potentially harmful preservatives
  • Fresh skincare produced in small batches can be varied through the seasons and to suit the needs of your skin
  • Making skincare fresh enables you to see, touch and smell the real ingredients going onto your skin and into your body

Blend your own skincare in small batches, one pot at a time, so you use it as fresh as possible.

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