Natural skincare

Natural skincare is best for your skin.

Your skin has its own natural processes and rhythms that keep it in good health and enable it to perform the many amazing functions it does for your body. We help this when we listen to our skin and work with it, not against it. Nature is always looking to achieve balance, so working with nature will be our fastest, most reliable route to well-balanced, radiant skin.

Natural skincare means using the resources that grow around us – herbs, plant seed oils and natural waxes, exfoliants, emollients and cleansers – to create products that work with our skin. It means minimising reliance on petrochemical ingredients that are essentially dead and bring no nutrient value to the skin; and avoiding chemicals that are alien and potentially harmful to our skin, such as many of the commercial preservatives, thickeners and foaming agents.

Using natural ingredients in our skincare, especially if we have handled and prepared them ourselves, connects us to nature every day in our standard routines. Embedding nature into our lives in this way has a grounding influence and subtle, calming impact.

Benefits of using local ingredients