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Oats so Simple Cleanser

A simple cleanser made with just two ingredients. Easy to use, easy to make. No packaging required. Just make it in the palm of your hand. From Field Fresh Skincare in the book Vital Skincare by Laura Pardoe

When we’re seeking #zerowaste, what could be better than a cleanser that’s so simple you can blend it in the palm of your hand.

And there are benefits beyond no packaging …

Fresh is simple

Making your skincare as you need it means you can focus on the fresh ingredients. No need to supplement with preservatives if you’re using it right away.

Which makes for a much simpler product. This cleanser is super-effective despite having just two ingredients.

2 simple ingredients

1 tsp (5g) oats

1 tsp (5g) dried milk

Make it easy

Combine the ingredients in the palm of your hand and mix with water to form a paste.

If you want to, add a few drops of a good cleansing oil like olive, almond or thistle oil.

Rub this over your face and neck and then rinse with warm water.

Why is it so good

Know your oats

Oats are fantastic to use in skincare with many hidden benefits. As well as providing exfoliation, they contain avenanthramides which are both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The benefit of this is that they help fight the signs of ageing and can be soothing too.

Skin benefits of milk

In a cleanser, milk can help draw out sebum and tighten large pores. It’s a good aid therefore in preventing blackheads and acne.

More Blend it Yourself

There are lots more blend-it-yourself recipes and tips like this in Vital Skincare by Laura Pardoe. The book takes you through Spring and Summer and the herbs and plants you’ll find growing locally that can be used to benefit your skin.

Available now from Field Fresh Skincare.

4 thoughts on “Oats so Simple Cleanser

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  2. Oats are really beneficial for health… I think you should make some list of Oats recipes, what do you think?

    1. Yes, I agree. Take a look at this really simple recipe

      1. Thanks for sharing, I try some out this weekend.. 🙂

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